The simplest path to healing fears, anxieties, negative stories and triggers that are keeping you from embodying your full-on happiness, magnetism, and highest self.

This is the FIRST TIME I teach this method outside of my higher level programs--but it's too important to keep it locked up.

  • The 5 questions that lead to healing It's simple, but these 5 questions lead you through your emotions to deep release and healing.
  • Connecting mind-->body-->spirit Most healing modalities focus on just one piece of the picture. This workshop is about integrating all the pieces.
  • A method you can use as often as needed I asked spirit to give me a method that would work for everyday use as well as for those "deep purge" healing sessions. Spirit delivered, and I'm passing it on to you.
  • Yup you get the replay, and yup you get it forever. You get to keep the recording of this video forever. Want to watch it a gazillion times to really drill it in? I've got you.
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