You are a GENIUS.

You may or may not already know it, but you are.

In your heart, you already feel such a deep desire to help people or you wouldn't be here. And I know for a FACT that if you're feeling that genuine desire to raise the standard of how we live and interact in this world, how freely we claim our womanhood, then yes. I know for a FACT you already have this genius in you.

We are not given the burning desire without the path and the ability to get there.

Maybe you DO already know you're a genius...maybe you have seen the magic you're capable of creating with people, you've seen the power of your ability to hold space for transformation. And you're here because you want to expand on this power, you want to harness is, add to your "toolbox", create more opportunity for yourself and grow your coaching business.

This ain't your dad's corporate certification--this is an experience for the heart, to connect with the wisdom you inherently possess, and to help your clients access THEIR inherent wisdom.

Whether you are already a coach and you want to raise the standard of your coaching, or you are brand-new at this and have never coached a day in your life, the Magnetic Femininity coaching and mentorship program is a nourishing, supportive, and incredibly thorough container to open up your innate coaching gifts on a deep level.

The Magnetic Femininity coaching methods are designed to facilitate deep healing of the heart and soul, in a SAFE container where your clients will be able to grow into whatever they desire in their work with you.

This method is not exclusively for relationship and femininity coaching, it can be applied in whatever type of coaching that involves emotions (so basically any type of coaching!)

  • Business
  • Love
  • Relationships
  • Parenting
  • Sex
  • Money
  • Health + Body image

The list goes on!

What the students and alumnae are saying

The Structure of the program


We spend the first 2 months in "school". The classes will be hosted on Zoom or a pre-recorded video will be uploaded, and this is where I teach you the tools, techniques, leadership, holding space for BIG emotions, and how to find clients through attraction marketing. The classes will be released 3x/week, and they're typically around an hour (although I try to make them shorter when possible to do so without sacrificing quality).

Here is the list of modules:

  • Tapping into your creativity as a coach
  • Leading yourself back to your own power
  • What causes healing
  • Creating a safe environment for transformation
  • The client journey and how to lead them through it
  • Leading them through expansion to more, more, more!
  • The emotional layers - authentic vs. projected emotions
  • Shadow work methods
  • Trauma responses and integrating parts of self
  • Desire vs need
  • Leading your clients to their heart’s truth
  • Attachment/codependency
  • The parallel alignment technique
  • The energetic clarity sequence
  • Internal energy imbalances (overcompensation)
  • Leading powerful coaching calls
  • Handling difficult client situations with grace
  • Do no harm - understanding your role in regards to trauma
  • Creating your perfect offers
  • How to create compelling and transformative programs
  • The business - getting visible and selling
  • The business - signing clients

You get LIFETIME ACCESS to these modules to come back to over and over for yourself and to help your clients.


Then, we spend the next 2 months on group coaching calls 3x a month. I will be bringing several participants up per call for hot seat coaching so that you can experience how it feels to be coached by these methods, AND you get to observe how I coach as a "fly on the wall". And of course this also means you get to be nourished as a client and continue to do the deep inner work and be the living breathing example for your clients! You will also be given the opportunity during these calls to ask me questions about the coaching methods in order to fully understand how I applied them, or why I chose to coach in a certain way.

Months 5-6

We will do group coaching calls 3x a month, but this time you're coaching each other under my supervision and with my support. This way, when you start doing your practice calls in the next phase, you will already have some coaching with these methods under your belt and you'll have received feedback from me!

**Note: 4 people will be able to be coached on each group call, priority will be given to those who have had no coaching or the least coaching, so that everyone gets ample opportunity. This is why spots are limited to 8 for this program!


The final months are all about putting everything into practice with clients! You will be required to complete practice sessions, sending me some of them for detailed feedback. You will also have the opportunity to practice leading in a community as a Magnetic Femininity Mentor as much or as little as you desire!

What can you do with this certification?

  • You will be licensed to use the methods I've developed with permission in your own coaching business
  • When Magnetic Femininity is hiring coaches for the community, the certified coaches will be given the first opportunity
  • Teach programs and courses and include my methods as much as you desire (credit given to Magnetic Femininity or Shelsey Jarvis)


Is this for me?

This program is for you if you have a deep desire to really reach peoples' hearts, to help them create massive transformation in their life, and to be a force of LOVE in the world.

This program is NOT for you if you see coaching as a "job" where you don't really want to connect with people on a deep level, or if you're not ready to take FULL responsibility for your own healing.

Coachability is a HUGE thing in this program. If you are not willing to be coached, and stay present with me even when it's hard and when big emotions come up, then this simply will not be a good fit, it will negatively impact the energy of the whole container. So before joining, please check in with yourself on this.

When does the program begin?

The 2023 cohort will begin on Sept 27th, 2023

What IS the Magnetic Femininity method all about?

The methods are just a part of this holistic approach to a coaching certification, but they are of course an important piece! The methods I'll be teaching you are for the purpose of deep emotional healing. Why? Because literally EVERY reason why we stop ourselves from creating the life we desire is about emotions. It's ALWAYS about emotions, every single time.

These methods are trauma-informed, and so loving and nurturing on your nervous system. They help you expand your emotional range and what you're capable of holding. By helping your clients hold their power through anything that comes up for them emotionally, they are empowered to let themselves FLY!

I also teach how to coach your clients when there's no "problem" to dig into--this is how you help them EXPAND and not need problems to "bounce" off of in order to create results and satisfaction in their lives.


Do you have to already be a coach to be ready for this?

Nope! You can be brand-new to this or you can be a seasoned coach. If you're brand new, don't worry--by the time you receive your certification, you will have coached lots of clients and you will have the confidence in your ability to lead them and hold space to facilitate their transformation.

If you've been doing this for awhile, you will learn new methods to add to your repertoire for you to pull out anytime you desire to create a deeper, more nourishing and empowering experience for your clients.

Is this only for relationship and femininity coaching?

Definitely not. The core of my methods are about emotions so this can be applied for pretty much any type of coaching where emotions are involved.

What time are the calls?

The exact call schedule will be announced when the program starts, however I typically only do calls between 9am-1pm PT during weekdays. For the teaching modules, watching the replay is perfectly fine, however in order to complete your certification you will need to attend at least 6 of the 12 live group coaching calls and receive coaching, so please bear that in mind as you decide if this commitment is for you.

Is this a trauma-informed method?

Yes, this method assumes that everybody is dealing with trauma of some sort. I teach you how to be the kind of leader who leaves her own judgements and triggers at the door so that your client is NEVER EVER burdened with them. I also teach you how to navigate when big stuff comes up, and when it's more appropriate to refer a client to a licensed professional such as a therapist. You will learn how to lead people while maintaining their complete autonomy and 100% respecting their emotional space and personal choice.

Here's a video I did about the certification program if you're craving to know more about the vibes!

Are you ready to take the leap? YAYYYY! Here are your options!

****NOTE: Next round begins September 17th, 2023****

Pay in full - $8888 USD

12 Monthly Payments of $777 USD

26 bi-weekly Payments of $360 USD

Pay in full

All prices are in USD. If you prefer to pay in full using Paypal, please contact me on FB or IG or email to request a paypal link!

Any questions before you join? Email me at or reach out on FB!