The delicious art of being loved, craved, and desired for who you REALLY are

Every single thing we do or don’t do is because we’re love-powered humans, trying to get more love or trying to avoid losing it.

Every self-destructive behaviour, every attachment issue, every hurtful word and action, all the effort you put in that never seems to give you what you want…

It’s all just your soul trying to get the love it needs. 

And because we forget this, we turn on ourselves. 

We suppress who we are because it annoyed someone at some point.

We play pretend to try to emulate what we think we need to be.

We blame and judge ourselves when we don’t “get it right”.

We end up creating such deeply painful inner turmoil. 

The worst part is…people think that’s just totally normal.

To need to numb out every day

To lash out when you’re stressed

To feel like you’re a bitch for setting boundaries

To put up walls and resting bitch face to avoid connection

To live on autopilot, just putting out one fire after another

To yell at your kids all the time

To hate and resent your partner

To stop taking care of yourself

To rely on self-destructive coping mechanisms like excessive spending or eating just to feel a little better

To have no real friendships and hobbies that bring you joy

This is all common—but it’s not NORMAL. In the sense that it’s not what you really desire for yourself, and it’s all avoiding that which you simply haven’t known how to face…

Until now.

Enter, the Deeply Happy Woman program…

Reveal the radiance of your feminine soul

This program is coming home to your heart…it’s a soothing balm that heals, that transforms, that feels the love you’ve been so deeply craving in your bones but have been looking for in all the wrong places.

What happens when you do this sacred inner work?

  • Enjoy watching your partner wonder what’s changed about you and why he can’t keep his eyes or hands off of you all of a sudden (and actually being excited to RECEIVE him)
  • Experience the kind of intimacy and love you’ve always desired and probably didn’t believe was possible
  • Release yourself from the prison of attachment issues that derail your relationships and cultivate the deepest and richest emotional attraction
  • Powerfully lead yourself from the soul through everything from a rough day to life’s toughest challenges
  • Finally break free of destructive cycles of numbing out that have been holding you back from loving your body, building your career or business, attracting the relationship you want, and just plain falling madly in love with LIFE
  • Be the most radiant woman in the room regardless of your weight, what you’re wearing, or how you’re feeling in the moment
  • FINALLY experience inner peace—this isn’t about meditation, bypassing, or any of that. Finally let go of that ball of anxiety you’re carrying around that you think is just “normal” 

This program is going to be like warm, soothing balm for the soul if:

  • You know that little (or huge) knot in your stomach that’s just kind of always there, like a low-key anxiety that just never goes away? Yeah. That doesn’t actually have to be there.
  • You numb out a lot
  • You’re a people-pleaser
  • You push healthy relationships away and gravitate toward the toxic ones and can’t figure out why
  • That “out of control” feeling—like you don’t know WHY you keep acting in self-destructive ways. Sometimes it even feels kind of like you’re in a fugue state until you realize “oh crap…I did that thing AGAIN” and proceed to beating yourself up
  • Getting reactive with people in your life and often regretting your words and actions because of the damage it causes to your most precious relationships
  • You struggle with secure attachment—either you’re freaked out because they’re too close or because they’re not close enough 

SOME of what is covered in the 8 modules:

  • Being able to find the clear, soul-honouring path in EVERY situation that protects your inner peace without having to put up walls around your heart Truly feeling the JUICINESS of your desires without dimming them down and pretending you don’t want it—which allows you to ACT on them
  • The tools that will open up your energy to hold more love, money, opportunities, and beauty without freaking out and sabotaging
  • Heal your codependency and watch your relationships SOAR as they sense the energetic demands being lifted and they’re finally free to fully show up with you
  • Break the coping mechanisms and numbing-out distractions to reveal your most vibrant and happy self
  • TRUST YOURSELF—trusting yourself means you will follow through more, and you’ll feel more empowered to take action on your desires
  • Develop a secure attachment style — YES it’s possible to heal and manage it without suppressing your emotions

I’m not saying therapy isn’t effective—but I will say that what I teach in this program is what I use with my 1:1 clients when they are in need of presence and healing, and it has RAPIDLY transformed people who have spent years in therapy and couldn’t create real, tangible shifts that actually work in their life. Like, it’s not just that they “feel” better—they are more confident to go out in the world and build wealth, attract their dream relationship, go on that big vacation or make that big life move they would have been terrified to do in the past.

**DISCLAIMER: This program and/or my coaching is not intended to treat mental illness. If you suspect you are suffering from mental health issues such as (but not limited to) depression or anxiety, please seek help from a licensed professional.

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