Grown-Ass Woman Relationships

10-Day Virtual Intensive

This is for YOU if

  • You desire to experience feeling completely cherished, adored, and deeply loved in your relationship
  • You are ready to emotionally "grow up" and let go of old patterns that have been running the show in your relationships
  • You KNOW that there's more ease and connection available than you're currently tapping into, and you want to see just how great it gets to be!
  • You are single and want to start your next relationship knowing how to nurture it so that you create a lifetime of passion, intimacy, and falling in love with each other over and over
  • You really love your partner and you want to prioritize taking care of and cherishing your bond
  • You're struggling in your relationship and want to see if it's possible to be happy together before making any big decisions about the future

The details:

  • 10 short, impactful, and actionable modules (15-25 minutes) that will completely transform the way you experience your relationship or future one (these are pre-recorded and dropped into the group, so it's convenient no matter where you are in the world or what your schedule is!)
  • Bonus "riffs" based on the questions I received during the recording of this program
  • Lifetime access to the content (on google drive) for you to go back to over and over again!
Join the virtual intensive for just $222

What will you learn? Here are some of the topics covered:

  • How to truly bring out the best in each other
  • The power to disarm and cut through each others' walls with power, not force
  • Immunizing your relationship against conflict
  • Deepening (or repairing) trust, respect, and safety
  • Being the feminine MUSE whose gifts are revered and cherished
  • Creating an interdependent PARTNERSHIP that causes you both to flourish and thrive beyond what you ever could as individuals
  • How to create more impact on your relationship with less effort
  • Activating the internal masculine instinct to make you happy, provide, protect you, and seek to lighten your load and give you the gift of ease
  • And more!

What past participants have said about the past intensive (on dating)

(Our relationship intensive shares a similar format although the content is completely different--testimonials shared to demonstrate how much you can shift in just 10 days when you apply the teachings)

"I signed up for the program with Shelsey because I follow her on socials & deeply trust & value the way she speaks about relationships. I knew it would be amazing, but I had ZERO idea how much value she would bring into the space. The program looks at not only your wants/needs/desires but your own beliefs/patterns/behaviors that are keeping you stuck in the same cycles. Shelsey absolutely blew my mind and opened my eyes to patterns I was blind to (and I’ve been doing self-development/healing etc for over 10 years). Loved it so much & feel better equipped to be in the dating world!" - Adria

"You are MASTERFUL at this [relationship coaching]--this felt soooo much richer than 10 days! Something really clicked,
I see emotionally unavailable men so clearly now, and know what to do when I encounter one. Abandoning my heart was a pattern for so long!! What a shift!!" - Sabrina

"When I started dating, I wasn't clear on my non-negotiables, needs, and fears. The first few days I attracted men who weren't emotionally available...three days after I did the non-negotiables homework plus edited my dating bio, I met a man who so far, has them all! We went on a second date and so far it's all green flags...
I feel confident in dating and attracting the right man!" - Justyna

"Just want to say a HUGE thank you Shelsey for this course. I was separating from my partner of 18 years when we started so it might seem a strange time to join in, but I thought it would also help me navigate how we communicate our split (or possibly stay together).
So much good stuff to help keep calm and kind in the now, and also for the future, whatever that looks like. THANK YOU!" - Rachel

"Before taking the intensive… I was dating a guy that I was severely over analyzing and like trying to make sense of all the things reading into it so much. Only dating him cuz I felt like that was my only option. Since taking the intensive I’ve met someone that makes me a priority, wants a lot of the same things, doesn’t make me question how he feels about me and wants to grow. So applying these tools has definitely uplevelled the quality of guy I’m attracting! It’s still too soon to tell if it’s gonna be a for sure thing but it’s definitely better and I’m allowing it to unfold because he’s taking the lead and I’m just observing it at face value not trying to make it mean anything else. Thank you Shelsey for your amazing insights and making it easier to date authentically in 2023!" - Taylor