Successful couples almost ALWAYS say that communication has been a MAJOR factor in their ability to still feel madly in love after decades together

In terms of human evolution, verbal communication is one of the most recent “features” of humanity…

It’s the reason we’ve been able to evolve so quickly in the last few millennia to create technological advances that pave the way for a world where everyone’s gifts have a valuable place in society so that we can live interdependently and shine our brightest…

But it’s also our biggest downfall in relationships when we don't know how to communicate effectively.

And the most puzzling thing for so many women is that they really believe they're being SO CLEAR...

The communication that works in other contexts like friendships and career seems to only cause distance when it comes to romantic relationships...why is that?

It's because in other contexts, romantic attraction isn't part of the equation. And also, other WOMEN will understand you because their brains are wired similar to yours.

But when you desire a deeply passionate relationship--with a man, whose brain is wired completely differently than yours--for life, it MUST be a focus--which requires learning different ways of communicating that will keep the energy clean, alive, lighthearted, and open.

And in order for you and your partner to maintain attraction over time, there needs to be a new paradigm established...


Sadly, since most people had terrible communication role models, they don’t even know what their blind spots are.

When your communication is truly working,

You feel completely loved, safe, and understood by your partner even when one of you screws up

You are always discovering new facets and depths of each other even after years together, falling in love all over again

Conflicts bring you CLOSER together and solidify your partnership, rather than creating rifts and resentment

You’re both allowed to have bad days without it hurting the relationship

You ask for what you need and your partner invests themselves in partnering with you to make sure you get it

You both feel deeply appreciated, honoured, respected, and desired

What You Will Learn:

  • How to get on the same page and work toward the common goal instead of feeling like you're pulling in different directions
  • Getting your needs met without feeling like it's pulling teeth and without heavy conversations that weigh you both down
  • Setting boundaries that are respected, honoured, and protected by you AND your partner
  • Common sources of misunderstanding and how to stay on the same team
  • The 4 levels of communication--understanding where your wires are getting crossed
  • Activating "feminine goddess mode", casting the closest thing to "love spells" through the power of your words
  • Conflict resolution that INCREASES the intimacy instead of damaging it
  • How BOTH of you get to have all you desire and more!
  • Navigating tough topics like sex and money in a loving way
  • Allowing yourself to connect through your differences rather than resent them
  • Creating deep, delicious safety with each other
  • Letting him make you WILDLY happy!

This program is designed to help you:

  • Feel close to your partner, desiring each other deeply
  • Grow TOGETHER through the inevitable conflicts and bumps that arise in relationships
  • Return to the “clean” and lighthearted energy of a new relationship, but with the added benefits of all the intimacy you’ve built through your time together
  • Feel hotly desired and cherished
  • Get your needs met in your relationship without having to become the “nag” that you don’t even want to be

Please note: this is a self-study course, so it is ideal for people who are looking for the information that will help them but do not require support as they implement.

For deeper support, the Love Story program or else working with me privately may be a better option, email for more info on these!

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