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Unlock the Passion, Connection, Laughter, Intimacy, Romance, and JOY in Your Relationship (or Future one!)

Extraordinary relationships require extraordinary relationship skills.

When you feel unlucky in love or frustrated in your relationship, it's hard not to take it personal--like, "What's WRONG with me that I can't just experience a happy relationship?? Shouldn't I be better at this? I feel so inadequate that I haven't figured this out yet!"

If you are a woman with a burning desire to touch the depths of intimacy and passion that are truly possible in relationships, then there is nothing more powerful than owning this simple truth...

"Creating the love I desire is a non-negotiable, and I am ready to give myself the gift of learning how"

The old paradigm of human relationships worked for the purpose of increasing our chances for survival.

Now, we need to create the RIGHT kind of relationship because deep down you KNOW that there are parts of you that simply feel constricted and completely unexpressed when you don't feel intimately connected with a partner who loves, adores, protects, and cherishes you.

LOVE STORY is for the woman whose soul craves the romance AND the safety, the passion AND the steadiness, the fire AND the calm, soft place to land.

And, and, AND. ALL OF IT. She is UNWILLING to settle for less than her heart desires.

You don't have to choose between passion and safety.

You don't have to lower your standards one bit (in fact you probably need to raise them).

You get to have ALL of it.


  • You've NEVER experienced men being totally romantic with you
  • You're afraid that romance is "too much to ask for" in your otherwise-good relationship
  • The only men who have been romantic with you are the ones who are totally wrong for you
  • You craaaaave romance but simply don't believe it's possible for you or worse, that you don’t deserve it or that “women like me don’t get to have that.”

Who am I?

I'm Shelsey Jarvis, and I've been coaching since 2016, specifically coaching on relationships since 2019.

And I'm the biggest sappy romantic you'll ever meet!

But there was a time when I used to stuff down my desire for romance.

A long time ago, I was made to feel like my romantic heart was "asking too much". I was made to feel wrong for wanting that, like I was too "high maintenance" or that I shouldn't care about romance and passion if there are other good things about a relationship.

But the god's honest truth of my heart is that romance and passion simply are a NEED for me in a relationship. I simply can't feel fully satisfied without it.

Truly embracing this part of myself was the first step.

I had to learn how to say YES to the romance I desired, while also learning the skills to create an incredibly nourishing, beautiful, connected, passionate relationship.

I had to learn how to take care of myself first, find who I am, learn how to receive from men, and truly open my heart so vulnerably it felt terrifying...but it was all SO worth it.

All of that led me in the last few years to discovering that there are 3 overarching components to experiencing delicious passion AND and all the feelings of calm, soft, regulated safety in a relationship:


The deep desire for a masculine partner reveals more than just what you're craving--it reveals an important aspect of who you are, which is the FEMININE 

But don't worry--while I'm aware that there are plenty of "polarity" teachings on the internet that are really just teaching gender roles, that's not what Magnetic Femininity is about. Here, we uncover more of who YOU are as a unique individual, what YOUR feminine energy feels like, and in embodying whatever that is for you, you become MAGNETIC to the dreamy relationship you've been craving!

Skills you will learn to embody the energetics:

  • Feminine Sensuality 
  • Playfulness
  • Accepting vs. Resisting the Reality of Your Partner 
  • Receiving 
  • Leaning Back and Letting Him Lead 
  • Appreciating, trusting, and respecting him as a man 
  • Receiving romantic gestures without attachment or resistance 
  • Inner Masculine/Feminine Healing and Integration 
  • Resetting Reversed Polarity


Feeling completely nourished, cherished, protected, and provided for in all the ways that matter to you is a predictable result of being a woman who not only loves herself, but truly embodies doing what's BEST for herself first and foremost in all areas of her life. Your relationship is a fantastic mirror for your relationship with self, so we work on creating the most kind, loving, beautifully intimate relationship with yourself so that you can easily experience that with a partner.

Skills you will learn to embody self-love:

  • Embodying Boundaries 
  • Exploring Your Inner World Without Resistance 
  • Developing a Strong Sense of Self 
  • Healing and Managing Anxious Attachment 
  • Unstoppable Confidence and Self-Worth 
  • Living Your Beautiful Passionate Life 
  • Validating your own emotions 
  • Healing Dismissive Avoidant Attachment 
  • Healing and understanding Fearful Avoidant Attachment 
  • Intimacy within Yourself 
  • Self-regulating and clearing emotional charge with EFT


Often we think that just because we're talking and that it's clear to US what we're saying, that that means we're good communicators. And unfortunately that simply is NOT the case. I will teach you how to truly connect your words with your heart, and create an incredible connection with your partner to create a level of intimacy you didn't even realize was possible!

Skills you will learn to connect like a queen:

  • Expressing Difficult Emotions Vulnerably 
  • The Art of Curiosity 
  • Staying Connected Through Conflict 
  • Why Your Partner is Oblivious to Things That Seem Obvious to You 
  • Win-Win Conflict Resolution 
  • Expanding Your Capacity for Honesty and Authenticity 
  • Feminine Communication that Inspires Devotion 
  • Magnetic Listening Skills 
  • Partnership Apologies 
  • Natural healthy relationship progression 
  • Connecting with men's TRUE motivations 
  • Standards, Expectations, Needs, Desires 
  • How to empower him to be "the man" with you 
  • Evolving Together Over Time 
  • Independent to INTERdependent 
  • Fighting Fair 
  • Co-Regulation

In LOVE STORY, we will spend one year together.

From wherever you are at this point in time, we will begin writing YOUR love story.

You will be given tons of resources, but most importantly you'll be given the GUIDANCE and directed to the resources that matter most to you at any point during our work together.

(After all, an abundance of resources is USELESS if you feel too overwhelmed and unsure where to begin to make progress!)

And you will create the space in your heart, your mind, your body, and your energy for the romance and passion you're craving to come flooding in 🌊

You will experience feeling completely desired, cherished, and protected.

You will find yourself looking at your man (or future man) with tears welling up in your eyes, overtaken by appreciation and respect for this human you get to walk with.

You will experience feeling so special, so chosen, so loved, so completely adored 🥹

What's included:

❤️‍🔥 37 skills classes, organized in a member portal so you can always find exactly what you want to learn and apply NOW

❤️‍🔥 Additional lessons on understanding the ways men and women are different and misunderstand each other - this will eliminate MOST conflict from your relationships!

❤️‍🔥 Bonus content to help you date smart and find your perfect match - no more dating aimlessly and repeating patterns for years

❤️‍🔥 Weekly accountability check-ins in the FB group to help you stay connected to your desires, and identify where you can expand and get the support you need

❤️‍🔥 BONUS audio riffs to expand and deepen your understanding and embodiment of the concepts

❤️‍🔥 VIP LEVEL ONLY: Get access to a bonus group Telegram chat where you will receive support from a certified Magnetic Femininity coach to help guide you

**This is a ONE YEAR commitment (not a month-to-month membership). After one year if you desire to keep going, you can do so on a monthly basis.**

Why a YEAR?

Because honestly, it takes TIME and PRACTICE to really hone these skills. It’s simply not usually something that happens overnight, even though once it starts happening it can feel like time has sped up.

A year together consistently working on these skills will change your ENTIRE LIFE. I can promise you that.

"I’m finally starting to be able to shift unhealthy patterns in my relationship that felt really entrenched and that I had been at my wits’ end trying to figure out how to approach differently. My husband and I are connecting better than we have in ages both in and out of the bedroom and I feel so hopeful about the future. I am so grateful to Shelsey for doing this work and so excited to see how things continue to evolve! Highly highly recommend!"

- Kelly R.

"Before joining Love Story I dated for years and vetted over 200 men, until I decided to join Love Story. In Love Story, Shelsey has helped me to attract higher quality men who actually show up for me in the dating process. And I am blown away at the fact that now I am working on receiving more from kind, generous and thoughtful men where before I felt like I was chasing and accepting breadcrumbs from men. I highly recommend coaching with Shelsey for women who are ready to completely change the type of men they attract and date."

- Mariana

Join LOVE STORY and get started right away!

Gold Level

✅ 37 skills classes

✅ Bonus classes on differences between men and women

✅ Bonus dating content to help you date smart and find your perfect match

✅ Weekly accountability check-ins in the FB group

✅ BONUS audio riffs to expand and deepen your understanding and embodiment of the concepts

VIP LEVEL ONLY: Get access to a bonus group Telegram chat where you will receive support from a certifie

VIP Level

✅ 37 skills classes

✅ Bonus classes on differences between men and women

✅ Bonus dating content to help you date smart and find your perfect match

✅ Weekly accountability check-ins in the FB group

✅ BONUS audio riffs to expand and deepen your understanding and embodiment of the concepts

VIP LEVEL ONLY: bonus group Telegram chat for coaching as you go

"My marriage was already really good a year ago: nearly 15 years together, still very in love, nearly never fighting and with a good level of intimacy. But I knew that a next level was available and having followed Shelsey for some years I knew that Love Story would be the perfect space to support me bringing more magic to my relationship with intentionality. 

Through those 12 months, our communication improved to be more supportive and solution oriented. We also became more playful together, making space for more fun and adventures. But the biggest change is that we both take better care of ourselves, encouraging the other by our kind support and exemplary dedication. As a result, we feel better, look better and our desire for each other is through the roof!"

- Kellya C.


Is it only for single people?

Nope! This is about creating the relationship you desire–from wherever you are right now. The skills to attract a partner and the skills to bring out the best in your current partner are the same skills.

Are the modules live?

The modules are all pre-recorded and in a private members portal. This way, it doesn’t matter what time zone you’re in or what your schedule is–you’re not going to miss out on a single thing, and you can skip around the program according to what you need at any given time!

What type of support can I expect?

There’s a FB group where I’ll be checking in most days to answer any questions you have and offer my support.

If you are in the VIP level, you also have access to the group chat in Telegram where you can connect with others in the group, and receive coaching from either me or a certified Magnetic Femininity coach.

Please note that unless you are also a private client, there is no private support included in this. 

Is this a membership?

This is a full year commitment that’s paid in installments unless paid in full up front–it’s not a month-to-month membership. When you sign up, you’re committing to a year regardless of your choice to use it. 

How long do I get access to the content?

You will get access to the content for the time you are in the program. At the end of the year, there may be continuation options that we can discuss, simply reach out when the time comes if you desire continued support and resources!