Your "mother" role is not your whole identity.

It is an important part of your life, of course.

But raising children is not the entirety of who you are, it's something you do.

Women have been told for EONS how to "do it right". Mom groups THRIVE on shaming each other and telling each other how badly everyone else is screwing up their kids.

The division, the fear, the guilt, the unworthiness that this creates is heartbreaking.

The good news is...

Your heart already knows how to be the perfect mom for your kids, underneath it all.

It doesn't matter if they're your biological kids or not. Adopted, blended families, etc. Your heart was made for this.

So it's time to learn how to let your heart lead you to the answers by discovering WHO YOU ARE in relationship with your role and with your kids.

The connection with your kids where they feel safe telling you anything...

The mutual feeling of respect for each other...

The excitement of passing your embodied wisdom...

The expansion that happens when you learn how to hold ALL of their soul without trying to limit them...

It's all available.

When you put YOUR human first. Learning to navigate the feelings of guilt and shame as you let go of how society told you you should be so that you can be the BEST mother for your kids.

So who do you want them to remember you as when they're looking back on their childhood?

Let's create THAT.

Imagine how different your life experience would have been if you’d had the powerful example of what it means to be a WOMAN who is also a mother…

Imagine if you’d witnessed the example of a woman with passion, vitality, and love for herself.

And if she’d set loving boundaries with you that allowed her to give MORE of herself to you.

And what if she was the example of emotional intelligence you needed in order to feel safe in this world…

And if you truly felt that your needs and desire MATTERED, even when it came to doing things like chores and obligations?

The way you show up in the world would be COMPLETELY different if your mother would have been equipped to show you that example.

Now, this isn’t to blame your mother—as moms, we’re all doing the best we can with what we know. Maybe you didn’t even have a traditional “mother figure” at all, and that in itself greatly shaped who you are as a parent.

But the truth is, for those of us who did have a mother figure, they raised us in a very different world than the one we live in today. They simply didn’t have the resources available to them that we do now for self-love, communication, and emotional intelligence. And even if they DID have access to those resources, they were steeped in the “self-help” stigma of being somehow “pathetic or broken” for wanting to be a better person.

Chances are, you’re already parenting in a much more evolved way than the way you were raised. You’ve probably already broken some generational cycles that you were determined to not pass down to your kids.

So let’s take that energy and RUN with it.

Let’s create deeply nurturing relationships with your kids, lead them in emotional intelligence, partner with them in a way that honours them as souls to create unshakeable trust, safety, and model womanhood in a way that shows them what’s POSSIBLE. 

That shows your kids what a powerful feminine presence looks like so that they can choose to be that, they can choose to be WITH someone like that, or they can just have that beautiful experience of feminine energy that allows them to hold a high standard in their own lives as they grow older.

This is for the woman who desires to be her WHOLE self in her role as a mother, free of the “mom guilt”

It’s for you if you are really struggling to see eye to eye with your kids and communicate with them in a way that PARTNERS with them and inspires them.

It’s for you if you’re determined to break as many possible generational cycles of shame, control, sloppy boundaries, resentment, and so much more as you possibly can to give them the BEST chance to get a head start in their own self-actualization in this life. 

It’s for you if you are burnt out on trying to DO everything for your kids but don’t know how to help them be more autonomous.

It’s for you if you find the emotions that they experience and that they bring up in you daunting and frustrating.

I created this program because I am a VERY different mother than I used to be. I parented the best I knew how, but I could see how I was causing my kids to feel unsafe with me, and it broke my heart.

I could see how in my efforts to not spew my emotions onto them, I was just stuffing them down and they ALWAYS came out eventually, 10x worse. 

But I think what really woke me up that something had to change, was when I started noticing that my kids were walking on eggshells around me. I could see that they were being CAREFUL around me, trying not to trigger me. Ugh, I still feel sad thinking about that. They didn’t feel like they could be themselves, they were measuring their words and actions far more than kids should ever have to with their parents. They were SCARED of my reactions.

I was like a ticking time bomb. I tried so hard to be “the perfect mom”, but those emotions just kept building up and when they exploded, I hurt their hearts.

So I started working on this intentionally, expanding my capacity to hold both their emotions and my own without stuffing them down.

I started teaching them the self-regulation techniques I was using (including screaming in the car or into a pillow!). 

While I can’t speak for everything they’re thinking and feeling, I can sense how much more free they are to be themselves. They have respect for my boundaries, they ask for what they want, they experience the full range of emotions with me, and they are both so willing to learn how to handle their emotions in a healthy way.

The inner dialog that they grow up with (that’s really my voice in their head) will be very different now…it will be more often than not a voice of love, encouragement, and acceptance.

Here are some of the things that have tangibly changed in our home:

  • They are familiar with their emotions and able to talk about and sit with how they’re feeling. Their reactivity has drastically decreased now that I’m able to model healthier ways of experiencing anger
  • They’re more cooperative when it comes to cleaning up after themselves and being more autonomous (the fact that they’re getting older helps, but it’s really nice that it’s not a daily battle to get them to do things anymore!)
  • My son’s natural masculine energy is free to come out, like when he insists on carrying all the groceries inside or being protective of his sister
  • We have learned to work with the ways he thinks differently to celebrate his natural strengths and encourage his brilliance to shine
  • My daughter’s natural vibrant feminine fire lights up the world around her and it never occurs to her that she should dim it, because her big personality has been deeply embraced and celebrated
  • My son feels safe coming to me and his dad with topics like sex, drugs, porn, and more
  • They feel safe coming to me when they’ve made a mistake and don’t feel like they have to hide it
  • We spend more QUALITY time together with game nights, movie nights, kitchen dancing to the Encanto soundtrack, and playing video games
  • We create experiences together that they talk about for months or years
  • They are able to more easily understand that their perspective matters, but it’s not the only one that matters when there’s a conflict
  • They openly express their love and admiration for each other 
  • They appreciate me more and feel inspired to do things like make my breakfast or clean up because they see that it impacts me in a really positive way.
  • I have pretty much dissolved mom guilt
  • I set boundaries with them in a loving way, and they respect them (like when I need to take a nap or do some journaling quietly)
  • I’m able to stay present and loving with them even when they’re having a really reactive moment.
  • We just LIKE each other more lol. I genuinely enjoy my time with them more than ever.

Now, I’m not gonna pretend that this course will magically turn your kids into perfectly behaved robots who NEVER make mistakes, who NEVER react, and who NEVER have bad days.

But the truth is, you don’t even WANT the version of them that feels like they have to be perfect (as convenient as that would be, it's not who they are).

You want their soul! You want their happiness! You want them to feel free and safe! And when they feel safe, they will feel safe to show you ALL sides of them. This is a VERY good thing :)

In changing who I was being with them, it influenced their behaviour WITHOUT needing to control them. 

I didn’t need to follow anyone’s “parenting rules”, I tapped into my own wisdom to find what felt true and authentic for US.

I didn’t need my co-parent to do things exactly the way I do in order for it to work (although we do choose to communicate and share with each other what works)

I didn’t need to make my role as a mother the only thing that mattered in my life—I live a fuller and more well-rounded life than ever!

You can break generational cycles and give that gift to your kids.

You can create deeply enjoyable and nurturing relationships with them that make them feel SAFE and LOVED, even in difficult moments.

You can allow motherhood to EXPAND you, not limit you

Here’s a taste of what you will learn:

  • How to navigate the OCEANS of emotions—both yours and theirs
  • Bringing your parenting vision to life
  • Creating a collaborative relationship around responsibilities and autonomy
  • Creating unbreakable trust and confidence so that they feel they can come to you for ANYTHING
  • Breaking generational cycles of mother and father wounding
  • Self-care as a mom
  • Setting boundaries with your kids in a way that creates MORE safety and trust
  • Celebrating and honouring who they really are as souls—even when who they are triggers the hell out of you
  • How to have consequences without punishment and how this helps them feel safer in the world
  • Helping to nurture healthy attachment with them so that all their future relationships can benefit

This program is designed to help you be the mother you truly DESIRE to be, and create a relationship with your kids that is not only deeply nurturing and enjoyable, but sets them up for a lifetime of healthy relationships. 

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