I desire to be brought to tears of awe, inspiration, and happiness.

I desire to end your my with a grateful smile on my face as I drift off to sleep.

I desire to let beauty and joy swallow me up and take me over.

I desire to feel so unbelievably lucky that I got to be Shelsey fucking Jarvis in this life!

I desire for life to take my breath away in the simplest and the greatest of moments.

I desire to experience ALL my humanness as beauty, even when it's hard.

I desire to look back on this life and see a masterpiece of a movie that moves me to tears of gratitude and leaves me smiling on my deathbed.

I desire to feel ALIVE in every moment, with life force, real human emotion, and power coursing through me.

I desire to feel deep reverence and gratitude, allowing myself to be moved by the stunning beauty that is life as a human being on planet earth.

This is what it means to experience every juicy drop of life as a WOMAN.

What does it mean to you?

I've learned the hard way that having a perfect life on paper means nothing if it was built without your soul.

I've learned how to build a life that WORKS for me, that's in alignment with what I really value, and that puts my own relationship with myself at the forefront.

I've learned how to be THE ONE for myself, but not to the exclusion of the most incredible relationships around me.

This life is magical, but too often we get lost in the weeds and let it pass us by.

I want to invite you into my world.

Because in my world, we love the bejeezus out of ourselves FIRST and allow everything to be built on top of that foundation.

Building your life from anything but self-love, is like building on quicksand.

Without the foundation of self-love, it shifts and crumbles as soon as you're afraid of change, as soon as you feel scared about money, as soon as you need other peoples' validation and approval in order to be okay.

You will become THE MUSE for yourself...

Drawing inspiration from your divinity, your heart, and being pulled forward by the soul.

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  • 12 months of Voxer access for between-call support
  • Access to the Portal (12 months of group programs) while you are a private client

The Investment

$27,777 (paid in full)

$2,314.75/month x 12

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